By The Grace Pattern Dive

Next week my book By the Grace comes out, and I thought it might be good to introduce some of the characters through the knitwear. A note: All of these links go back to Ravelry, as I don't know of any other comprehensive pattern repository. Slimline Undies by Susan Crawford Julia Grace is our main… Continue reading By The Grace Pattern Dive

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As you all know (hopefully, anyway!) I've been working on a book of knitting patterns for the past year. I got a contract, and have been working on patterns and samples.Until Monday night. Monday night, I was hoping to get shipping info for my yarn support (yarn provided by the publisher and a willing company… Continue reading CENSORED

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Bad Photography Friday

...also known as "Work in Progress Day."Project the First: Missouri informed me a few weeks (months) ago that she felt neglected because I'd never made her a pair of socks. So I bought some yarn (which she picked out)...and it sat in storage for a while as I tried to finish samples and The Socks That… Continue reading Bad Photography Friday

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Not my best photo-op, but look! The reknit of the cowl is coming along much faster than the old one. It helps that I'm doing February Frenzy over on LSG on Ravelry, so every day I'm posting progress photos of something. I want to get this finished this week so I can find a tech… Continue reading Progress!

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The KnotMagick Post Club

[A bajillion thanks to Rob Bowker, who inspired this]In the knitting world, we have “yarn clubs,” in which knitters sign up and for a fee every month for a set period of time they are sent a skein or two of yarn, a pattern, and maybe some other extra goodies. I am borrowing that concept… Continue reading The KnotMagick Post Club

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I've been plugging away at the book. Initially I had wanted to have all of the patterns done before Christmas, but I realize that was somewhat overambitious. My new goal is for the end of April. So far all of the scarf patterns are done--a narrower version of the infamous "Fuck You" scarf, as well… Continue reading Censored

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Finished Object Friday

I have just a few things to show you today, a few things I finished up for around the house and as holiday gifts:In total, I made six or eight of these towels, though a few are still waiting for suitable buttons. They all came from the same package, however, so the patterns are mostly… Continue reading Finished Object Friday

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Nano Progress

Such an uncreative title, I know. But most of my energy has been sucked into NaNoWriMo. The counts are in, and in the past two weeks I've cranked out just over 24,000 words. People, I never write this much consistently in one go. I might write 5k one day, then 3 the next, and then… Continue reading Nano Progress

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Okay, so I didn't quite make it to the September 1 mark, but I just had to say: People are awesome. The FU scarf kind of went viral at the Ravelry level within the first 24 hours, and spent more than a day as the #1 viewed pattern on the site (out of 309,000+) before… Continue reading Thanks.

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The Scarf that Shall Not Be Named

Long, long overdue, it's release day for the Super Secret Project, the Scarf that Shall Now Be Named (Warning: foul language ahead).May I present: Fuck You!This is a super easy scarf with a big attitude! If you can knit and purl, then you can make this scarf.Extra wide for extra warmth, it's nice and long.… Continue reading The Scarf that Shall Not Be Named