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Random Three

I keep missing my blogging deadlines.Nothing wrong, this time around. I'm just behind on almost everything (still. Always).Mostly, I'm just glad that last week is over. I'm just trying to make up for all of the stuff I missed because of all of the crap that was in the mean time, you get a… Continue reading Random Three

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Quick Review: Nefertiti

Nefertiti by Michelle MoranI have discovered something: Archaeologists make really excellent novelists.Michelle Moran worked in Egypt for several years, inspiring her to write a total of three books about Queen Nefertiti and her family. This book, a stand-alone novel, is told from the perspective of Nefertiti's younger sister, Mutnodjmet, or Mutny, as her family calls… Continue reading Quick Review: Nefertiti

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When Being Wrong is a Turn Off

So I might have mentioned that I got a huge stack of library books. I've been working my way through them, returning some and checking out some others. Yesterday I started a new book at work. It's from a series that I was really looking forward to when it came out. I read the first… Continue reading When Being Wrong is a Turn Off

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Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

I know I said I was scaling back on the writing, but clearly cutting out books is not my intention. This is my upcoming reading list. And that's not even including The Lord of the Rings that's currently sitting by my bed: Clearly I have enough there to give you at least a book review… Continue reading Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

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It occurred to me this week that it was a bit insane for me to finish three large knitting projects, write a knitting book, and write two novels and at least three short stories in the next twelve months while holding down a full time job. And also blogging and you know, having a life.… Continue reading Shuffling

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The KnotMagick Post Club

[A bajillion thanks to Rob Bowker, who inspired this]In the knitting world, we have “yarn clubs,” in which knitters sign up and for a fee every month for a set period of time they are sent a skein or two of yarn, a pattern, and maybe some other extra goodies. I am borrowing that concept… Continue reading The KnotMagick Post Club