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Nano Check In

I put off writing today's post because I wanted to share something special. I wanted to write something meaningful, and deep, and encouraging for those that are still struggling. I've never gotten to this point after only 3 weeks before (okay, 3 weeks and two days, but whatever). But I think I'd rather sleep.  … Continue reading Nano Check In

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Nano Check in

How's it going? Have you been meeting your goals? Has the story taken a dramatic left turn that has forced you to abandon your outline and pants it? I've been trying to put in 2,000 words every day, just so that I can build up a backlog for days when things don't go so well,… Continue reading Nano Check in

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Nano Training Camp: Week 9

I don't know about you guys, but I am exhausted already. I'm starting to have doubts about this Nano thing--I have just had zero energy lately. I did hit my word count goal every day except yesterday--I was out and about all day after not sleeping all night, so 1200 words was just too many… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 9

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Taming the Rhino

I've spent this week trying to get my focus back. It's been a struggle, but I thought that if I have the Rhino a better-maintained habitat, he might be more amenable to working his magic next month. I have discovered over the years that while my thoughts might be disordered at times, my work space… Continue reading Taming the Rhino

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Nano Training Camp: Week 8

Bleh. I hope that you guys are doing better than I am. Lately, I've had tons of ideas, and absolutely no followthrough whatsoever. I think that part of my problem is that I'm just feeling discouraged in general with my writing. I started querying my 2012 Nano novel in May. 40+ letters sent out, and… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 8

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Nano Training Camp: Week 5

How is it going? I hope that you guys had better luck with your word count practices last week than I did. I had three days when I just didn't fee like writing, and two when I didn't hit my desired word count. But that is why I like doing these practice runs. It takes… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 5

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Nano Training Camp: Week 4

How are you guys hanging in? Have you started your prep work yet? Much to my surprise, I managed to bang out the rest of my outline this week. At the start of the week, I confess that I was struggling. My plot made an unexpected left turn, and I wasn't sure what to do… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 4

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Nano Training Camp

Okay, guys! We've got 7 weeks to whip ourselves into shape for the most intense writing event of the year! Can we do it? YES. Here is the game plan: 1. This week, Sept. 7: Clear the decks. Wrap up any projects that you are working on and make sure that there are no distractions… Continue reading Nano Training Camp