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I have my to-do list for the week

More random from the internet. But when I read this list, I laughed so hard I cried. I must do everything on it now:

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Loose Ends

1. It's official: I will be attending the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati next month. Costumes are mandatory, and I suspect that a typewriter and possibly my spinning wheel will be tagging along. 2. I have become addicted to a Canadian series called The Murdoch Mysteries. As far as I know, it doesn't air here in… Continue reading Loose Ends


The Quiet Ones: A User’s Guide

1. Yes, I am quiet by nature. This means I don't tend to engage in idle chit chat. You see, I believe that words have meaning, and I prefer to actually be saying something when I use them, rather than discussing things no one really cares about, like the weather. 2. I like people, but… Continue reading The Quiet Ones: A User’s Guide


Not-so secret squirrels

So I had this dream last night. In it, we drove up to visit my great-grandma, who was "pleasantly confused," as my mom would put it (early Alzheimer's). She was living in this dingy apartment, and had half a dozen pet squirrels running around. Okay, we thought, it's kind of weird that she put clothes… Continue reading Not-so secret squirrels