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11 (More) Movies of Christmas

In the process of archive-diving for post inspiration, I came across this from all the way back in 2015. Seems like it's time for an update, no? 1. NoelleAvailable on Disney+, this gives me Elf vibes, but less annoying (I really can't stand Will Farrell), with a dash of The Santa Clause thrown in.  2.… Continue reading 11 (More) Movies of Christmas


Horror Movie Roundup 2021

It's spooky season, at last. Yes, I know, this post probably feels a little late to the game. If you're one of those people who doesn't wander around in witch hats while out yarn shopping on a Thursday or flap the wide sleeves of your black sweater singing "I'm a bat" in your head (or… Continue reading Horror Movie Roundup 2021


History in Pictures, part II

A couple of weeks ago a posted a list of documentaries I've been watching on Youtube. My documentary kick continues, so here are a few more you might enjoy. A few of them are quite long, so there's several hours of viewing time here. The Civil War and Its Dead This documentary shows a lot… Continue reading History in Pictures, part II

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Currently Watching

It is a long established fact that I spend a little too much time with the Netflix. I've waxed poetic again and again about my favorite costume dramas, and while shows like Pan Am, Bletchley Circle, and the Murdoch Mysteries are still very high on my list, it's more than time for a little new… Continue reading Currently Watching

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Halloween Movie Marathon

A couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed was making a big deal about the ABC Family Halloween movie line up. Personally, I thought that it was a little lackluster. And then I looked at my own movie collection and though, I can do better. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm not a horror fan.… Continue reading Halloween Movie Marathon

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The Age of Entertainment: Honorable Mentions

As inevitably happens, I realized that I'd forgotten a few things in the earlier posts from this series. Honorable Mention: Middle Ages Robin Hood I'm not speaking specifically about the BBC television show, though I have heard good things about that. One of my favorite books is a retelling from 1921 by Sara Hawks Sterling.… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Honorable Mentions

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Anticipation and a Half

If all goes well, I'll be hitting the 50% marker on my Nano draft this afternoon when I get off of work. I thought about forcing myself to write the 4,000 necessary words all in one go last night, but then my Amazon package arrived, including two books that I've been dying to get my… Continue reading Anticipation and a Half

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Steampunk Symposium Part I: Con Report!

You've all been waiting for this one, haven't you? That's right, it's time for the con report!This was my second year attending Steampunk Symposium. Last year was the first year of the con. I have to say, while the hotel was nicer this year, I actually liked it less. The staff were very rude, the… Continue reading Steampunk Symposium Part I: Con Report!

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20s Week Part II: Movies

I love movies. Great inspiration for writing, and perfect background for knitting! Last week, I watched another silent film, Metropolis (German, 1927). The restored version of this film is available on DVD and streaming from Netflix, and I encourage you to watch it for several reasons. Even if you don't, click the link above to… Continue reading 20s Week Part II: Movies

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Inspiration Shots

What are you watching during NaNoWriMo? Here are a few of my top picks:Anime:R.O.D (Read or Die)R.O.D the TVComic PartyTelevision:CastleThe Book GroupCopperOnce Upon a Time Movies:The Dead Poet's SocietyMiss PotterThe Secret of MoonacreIs there a show/movie that you're finding particularly inspiring? Or do you eschew television altogether in November?