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Bad Photography Friday

...also known as "Work in Progress Day."Project the First: Missouri informed me a few weeks (months) ago that she felt neglected because I'd never made her a pair of socks. So I bought some yarn (which she picked out)...and it sat in storage for a while as I tried to finish samples and The Socks That… Continue reading Bad Photography Friday

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Click to make it bigger.I dream lo-tech and the Bing; Life in a Typewriter Shop and the post featuring the Remington.Sweet dreams.

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No, not my contest. Though I am donating one of the prizes.Missouri is giving away a copy of her new book, The Hanged Man's Ghost, on her blog. Also included in the prize pack is a set of knitting needles and some handspun yarn (made by yours truly).A quick summary: Detective Fynn Adder's life is… Continue reading Contest

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How do you write? Part I, characters

Over on her blog Caps, Lock and Stock the lovely Missouri has been talking about her character development process. I thought this was a good topic, and since I am trying to blog more and am too lazy to come up with my own topics, I thought I'd put my own take on it here.… Continue reading How do you write? Part I, characters