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Getting caught up

What happened to this week? Where did it go? I think there was some working in there at some point, and a bit of writing, but I think most of it got taken up with this:Yep, that's right. Hermes and I are back under the same roof! I'm so happy. Except for the part where… Continue reading Getting caught up

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Novel Preview!

Wait, it's Tuesday? How did that happen?Sorry about the delay. I had some technical issues on Monday and spend the entire day trying to fix them. Turns out it was an easy fix once I had some help, but since I'm still re-learning Windows, I was lost and thought I'd completely screwed things up.But, as… Continue reading Novel Preview!

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Not my best photo-op, but look! The reknit of the cowl is coming along much faster than the old one. It helps that I'm doing February Frenzy over on LSG on Ravelry, so every day I'm posting progress photos of something. I want to get this finished this week so I can find a tech… Continue reading Progress!

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Post Club Preview I

As promised, here is your first preview of what will be going out in the Knot Magick Post Club.The following is a snippet from the second short story that will be going out in the club. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here. I check my watch when I reach the… Continue reading Post Club Preview I