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Pico Review: Knit, Swirl

Title:  Knit, SwirlAuthor: Sandra McIverPrice: USD $24.27Notes: When I mentioned knitting a circular swearter, someone linked to this book for inspiration. I was curious right off the bat, because I love the look of circular or "swirl" sweaters. I picked up my copy from the library, just to give it a quick browse before committing… Continue reading Pico Review: Knit, Swirl

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A Proposal and a Rejection

(No, not that kind of proposal. Sorry, Mom.)Well, it finally happened. I sent it out.Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and sent the book proposal for CENSORED to two different publishers. In about 24 hours, I had a response from the larger of the two. It was a very polite and encouraging “no.” Still,… Continue reading A Proposal and a Rejection

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Book Review: The Sugar Maple Chronicles (1-3)

Today I have a quick series review for you.Normally, I don't like "knit lit" (novels that center around knitting). I know, weird, right? You would think that an avid knitter/designer/writer would love those. But most of the time I find them cliched and depressing. In one book I read, one member of a knitting group… Continue reading Book Review: The Sugar Maple Chronicles (1-3)