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The "Quickie" Project taking slightly longer than I thought.So I've been thinking for a while that there are two things that I need in my bathroom, which kind of also became Hermes' room when Jolie was staying with us (did I mention that she finally went home, after over three months? I am overjoyed! Sweet cat--not so… Continue reading The "Quickie" Project

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UFO Sightings

I made a few small dents in the UnFinished Object bin over the weekend. On Friday, I cast off the dish mat that I started just before we moved into our current house--back in November, I think. It's been languishing for a while. First because lack of yarn, and then because I just plain forgot… Continue reading UFO Sightings

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Odds and Ends

I've done a little bit of shuffling around on my projects this week. I usually try to keep no more than 3 active knitting projects going at any one time, since that seems to be the limit of my attention span.My nook cover--which you'll hear a lot more about once it's done--is on hold at… Continue reading Odds and Ends

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Mutterings and a thank you

How do you like my new laptop?Click to make it bigger.I typed that up on Saturday, when the Sterling first arrived. As yet I haven't had a chance to really play with it, since Missouri has been off for the last few days and the basement is really in no condition for much of anything… Continue reading Mutterings and a thank you