Catbeast Takeover

If you came here expecting something boring about books or yarn, you came to the wrong place. Sophia is unavailable today, so instead you have me, Hermes, your new overlord guest blogger. I'm supposed to write something funny here, but it's hard to type with paws and Sophia doesn't have dictation software. Instead, I shall… Continue reading Catbeast Takeover


This is not helping.

Hermes is rather resentful of the fact that the sewing machine took most of my attention yesterday. He's used to me sitting at the computer or reading on my bed when I'm home, so this change to his routine was most unwelcome. In the end, though, he decided to "help" me put together a quilt… Continue reading This is not helping.

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Separation Anxiety

I've been gone so much this week that I've developed a furry shadow when I'm home. He's by the bed while I'm reading and watching television. If I sleep too late, he makes sure to wake me, just to make sure I'm okay. (Yeah, I'm fine cat. But it'd be nice to sleep in for… Continue reading Separation Anxiety

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More to come. Just a portrait today. He was kind enough to pose for me, while staring out the window at his girlfriend (a little stray calico that he has been told in no uncertain terms will NOT be coming in the house).

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The "Quickie" Project taking slightly longer than I thought.So I've been thinking for a while that there are two things that I need in my bathroom, which kind of also became Hermes' room when Jolie was staying with us (did I mention that she finally went home, after over three months? I am overjoyed! Sweet cat--not so… Continue reading The "Quickie" Project

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Typecast #10

Have I really only done ten of these? It's been way too long!Click to make them bigger.And as an added bonus, a photo of Hermes and his "guilty" face for unplugging my monitor.You can see he feels about as much guilt as any cat ever does. Which is to say, none.Last but not least, the… Continue reading Typecast #10

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Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

I'm starting to think that the hardest part of writing a book is writing the proposal. Getting the manuscript out in such a way isn't so much of a challenge as convincing other people that they should care about it. My natural shyness doesn't help--I was raised to be humble, play off my accomplishments. "So… Continue reading Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

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Getting caught up

What happened to this week? Where did it go? I think there was some working in there at some point, and a bit of writing, but I think most of it got taken up with this:Yep, that's right. Hermes and I are back under the same roof! I'm so happy. Except for the part where… Continue reading Getting caught up

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Happy Mother’s Day

Around here, most people know that when I say I'm going to do laundry, it's really a euphemism for "I'm going to Mom and Dad's to love on my kitty."It hurt more than I can say to leave him behind last October when I moved out, but between student loans, illness, and random acts of… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day