Quarterly check in

The first three months of 2019 have really sent a curve ball at me. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that severely limits my activity and energy output. We lost our beloved murderkitten. There's been drama at work, family drama, and we made our annual trek to Steampunk Symposium. 2019 has been full of excitement,… Continue reading Quarterly check in


Goals, Old and New

The 2017 Goals: Send out at least 1 query every week I did pretty well on this, I think. I did take a month off, but sent out way more queries in other months. Release The Spider's Web on Amazon (once rights have been returned) Done! Reduce the yarn stash by 50% um....No. Save for… Continue reading Goals, Old and New


Goal Update: January

I can't believe it's already check in time. Where has this month gone? Send out at least 1 query every week I've done 3 so far this month, and I have 2 more planned. I need to get on that tonight. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon (once rights have been returned) This was done… Continue reading Goal Update: January


Goals: Old and New

The goals of 2016: Be active for 30 minutes 5x per week. Maybe this year I will have more success than last year, though so far January has not been promising. Polish 3 manuscripts Pay off 2 debts I have 2 specific debts in mind. I’m almost there; I want to knock them off my… Continue reading Goals: Old and New


Monthly Goal Update

I'm a little late, but I think that we can squeeze in an update here: 1. Do yoga/stretches at least 4x a week.  Um....No. This one didn't happen. At all. Not even remotely. I need to be better about this. In my defense, I had bronchitis (again) for the whole of August. Breathing has been… Continue reading Monthly Goal Update



Okay, so last week got off to kind of a rocky start. Thank you all for your lovely kind words: Teeritz, Spiderwebz, Rob, Bill, and Patrick. I do have bouts of depression (not enough to actually get diagnosed as clinically depressed, but last year was the longest episode of it I've had in a really… Continue reading Reboot

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These are NOT resolutions.

Last year, my goals were to get published, and to get a new job. I did get published in 2012 in the form of 2 short stories and a pattern, but I'd like to get something a little more substantial out there in 2013: a novel and/or a knitting book.I am still looking for a… Continue reading These are NOT resolutions.

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Nano Progress

Such an uncreative title, I know. But most of my energy has been sucked into NaNoWriMo. The counts are in, and in the past two weeks I've cranked out just over 24,000 words. People, I never write this much consistently in one go. I might write 5k one day, then 3 the next, and then… Continue reading Nano Progress

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Happy New Year

Normally, I don't do resolutions. But this year, I have two. Two goals that I am very determined to reach: 1. Get a new job.2. Get published. Please note that 1 & 2 are not mutually exclusive. Cheers.


Keeping with tradtion

I'm not much into New Years resolutions. If you'll remember, last year my New Years Resolutions were posted on January 7, and I figure that's a good place to start this year. For me, January 1 has never meant much. It's the start of the school term that really encourages a fresh outlook, so September,… Continue reading Keeping with tradtion