Last Minute Gift Guide for Writers

Do you have a writer in your life? Are they hard to shop for? Fear not, below are several recommendations for the literary soul, ranging from free handmade ideas to more expensive pieces of tech. Most of them can be picked up right through December 25 or whatever your deadline is, but do keep in… Continue reading Last Minute Gift Guide for Writers

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You can't tell anyone.I'm making a present.I can't tell you who it's for, or what it is yet, because she might be reading this. I don't know.But oh my god, I love this yarn:Bernat Mosaic in "Calypso", just for the record.RAINBOWS!!!

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The KnotMagick Post Club

[A bajillion thanks to Rob Bowker, who inspired this]In the knitting world, we have “yarn clubs,” in which knitters sign up and for a fee every month for a set period of time they are sent a skein or two of yarn, a pattern, and maybe some other extra goodies. I am borrowing that concept… Continue reading The KnotMagick Post Club

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Finished Object Friday

I have just a few things to show you today, a few things I finished up for around the house and as holiday gifts:In total, I made six or eight of these towels, though a few are still waiting for suitable buttons. They all came from the same package, however, so the patterns are mostly… Continue reading Finished Object Friday

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A Geeky Yule

Missouri and I usually celebrate winter festivus on Yule for a variety of reasons, primarily that we are impatient and spent Dec. 25th with family. This year, I got spoiled with a variety of geeky treats, hitting all of the things that make me nerd-gasm:On the first day of Yule, my roommate gave to me:… Continue reading A Geeky Yule

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Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Knit

Tea Towel: Knit version (makes 2 sets)   Tools and Materials:1 tea towel or kitchen hand towel (you can also use bath and towels, but I like the patterns on the kitchen ones)2 balls of dish cotton to coordinate, like Sugar 'n' Cream (I'm using a cone because I make a lot of these) 1 sharp… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Knit

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Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Crochet

It's only been what, two years coming? Three? Well, at long last, I finally present the tutorial for my favorite holiday gift to give: Crochet/knit tea towels and washcloths.Tea Towel: Crochet version (makes 2 sets)  Tools and Materials:1 tea towel or kitchen hand towel (you can also use bath and towels, but I like the patterns… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Crochet

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Giftmas Knitting Part III: Gifts for Knitters

Do you have a knitter in your life? Stumped on what to get them this holiday season? Afraid you'll disappoint them with your yarn selection? Fear not. Here's the KnotMagick Top 10 list of things to get your friendly neighborhood knitter (even if you know nothing about yarn):10. Gift cardsWhile this might seem like a… Continue reading Giftmas Knitting Part III: Gifts for Knitters

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Giftmas Knitting Part II: Project ideas

For those keeping track, Kwanza begins in 47 days, Christmas is in 45, Yule is 6 weeks from today and Hanukkah is one month and one day away. If you're a knitter, now might be a good time to start panicking if you haven't finished at least one of your holiday gifts yet. Never fear,… Continue reading Giftmas Knitting Part II: Project ideas