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Quick Review: Nefertiti

Nefertiti by Michelle MoranI have discovered something: Archaeologists make really excellent novelists.Michelle Moran worked in Egypt for several years, inspiring her to write a total of three books about Queen Nefertiti and her family. This book, a stand-alone novel, is told from the perspective of Nefertiti's younger sister, Mutnodjmet, or Mutny, as her family calls… Continue reading Quick Review: Nefertiti

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Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

I know I said I was scaling back on the writing, but clearly cutting out books is not my intention. This is my upcoming reading list. And that's not even including The Lord of the Rings that's currently sitting by my bed: Clearly I have enough there to give you at least a book review… Continue reading Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

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Book Review: The Sugar Maple Chronicles (1-3)

Today I have a quick series review for you.Normally, I don't like "knit lit" (novels that center around knitting). I know, weird, right? You would think that an avid knitter/designer/writer would love those. But most of the time I find them cliched and depressing. In one book I read, one member of a knitting group… Continue reading Book Review: The Sugar Maple Chronicles (1-3)