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History Wednesday: The Bletchely Circle

Period fashion! Knitwear! I love the bow.  I thought I would continue my pattern of history-related posts on Wednesday. For typewriter fans, this might be relevent to your interests. Or, if you're just a geek like me.Several weeks ago, someone on Facebook posted a quick summary of a new British show called The Bletchely Circle.… Continue reading History Wednesday: The Bletchely Circle

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History Fixation

Late last week, Missouri sent me a fascinating link to an article about an article on chatelains. I love chatelains and have been wanting to make myself one, though it's become slightly redundant since she made me my wonderful seamstress' assistant for the convention. Personally, working in retail, I would love to see chatelains come… Continue reading History Fixation

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20’s Week Part I: Fashion

Inspired by one of the stories I'm working on, I declare this 20's Week!Have I mentioned that I love the 1920s? I adore art deco, and the fashion--though I'm far too curvy to ever be able to pull it off. Flapper dresses make me look like I'm wearing a very glittery potato sack. It's a… Continue reading 20’s Week Part I: Fashion

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Costume p0rn and Typewriters IV

The MummyI know I've talked about The Mummy and The Mummy Returns on this blog before, way back when. Why do I love these movies so much? I don't know. They aren't even remotely historically accurate, the mythology is way off base, the plots are so-so, and I have to cover my eyes any time… Continue reading Costume p0rn and Typewriters IV

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Fashionably Late

My roommate, who really doesn't get the whole typewriter thing, but supports it anyway, got me this shirt as a random surprise. It showed up on February 1, which is just kissmet. If you want to snag your own, you can find it here along with dozens of other lovely typewriter themed artwork in all… Continue reading Fashionably Late

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Hey! Look over there!

In an attempt to distract you from the fact that it has been over a month since my last post, and the typewriter revamp STILL isn't done, I present you with this:That would be one small part of the Christmas presents I received from my aunt. She got me a whole box of dresses and… Continue reading Hey! Look over there!



I just finished making my Halloween costume. The costume was designed, hand sewn, and modeled by me, with photos taken by my roommate, Alice. Brigid is a triple goddess, meaning she has aspects of the maiden, mother, and crone. It is speculated that she is who Morgan LeFay is based off of. I've been working… Continue reading SQUEE!


No Thank You

Dear Fashion God, I know you must be a man because if you were a woman, we wouldn't be having these issues. Why is it that I am a size six in Brand A jeans, and a size 12 in Brand B, while Brand C doesn't make anything that fits me at all? But I… Continue reading No Thank You