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Irony, or my psychic powers at work

At work, I tease my coworkers and tell them that I have psychic powers. Mostly, this is because I've been there long enough that if someone starts to ask me a question I can usually tell what the question is before they finish asking it and nine times out of ten, I have the answer.The… Continue reading Irony, or my psychic powers at work

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The Box Part II

The box of my grandma's things contained only two objects other than photos. The first was a plastic box with some old pins and a charm in it--likely in memory of Ettiene. The charm has a name on the back, but we have no idea who Raymond is, and I'm not entirely certain of the… Continue reading The Box Part II

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The Box, Part I

Have you ever seen those shows on PBS, or sometimes TLC or DIY or somesuch, where people research random old stuff they'd found? Glass bottles in the attic that belonged to a doctor who once owned the house, or a civil war rifle that belonged to a distant relative? I love those shows. And I… Continue reading The Box, Part I

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This isn’t what I set out to write. But it was the right thing to write.

Well, I said that details would follow, so here they are:There are a few reasons that the blog has been light on content and heavy on the random and silly lately. For starters, I've basically been sick since the middle of April. It started with an allergic reaction to a frozen dinner (why can't "chicken"… Continue reading This isn’t what I set out to write. But it was the right thing to write.

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Fly By

1. Grandma is much better, and might be able to go home in time for Mother's Day. She does, however, have permanent damage to her kidneys and we will be watching her closely in the coming weeks.2. In better news, it is official: I am now a professional knitwear designer. And I get paid and… Continue reading Fly By

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Error: KnotMagick is recovering from an abnormal shutdown. Please stand by. Some stitches may be lost if you did not move them to a holder beforehand.Continue in pattern or proceed with garter stitch? Y/NTo avoid this problem in the future, please bind off appropriately and block well.Yes, that is my night stand right now.Yes, the… Continue reading Recovery