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Works in Progress

Oh, hi Friday! You snuck up on me. When did you get here?  I've been working on several projects lately, and I've even finished one! I finished the village socks with only a little yarn left over. This is an improvised pattern. I think I have my own personal sock recipe down for the most… Continue reading Works in Progress

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Pretty Stuff

Remember this?Well, it's finished now.In the comments for my last post, Bill M. asked what the difference between embroidery and needlepoint is. Embroidery uses a variety of stitches to create a single motif to embellish a piece of fabric. Needlepoint uses a single stitch type to create an image on a canvas, covering the entire… Continue reading Pretty Stuff

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Loose Ends

1. It's official: I will be attending the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati next month. Costumes are mandatory, and I suspect that a typewriter and possibly my spinning wheel will be tagging along. 2. I have become addicted to a Canadian series called The Murdoch Mysteries. As far as I know, it doesn't air here in… Continue reading Loose Ends

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This isn’t knitting.

Currently Reading: The Son of NeptuneIn the DVD player: Blood TiesThanks in part to blogs like Stitchpunk, I've caught the embroidery bug of late. At first I was just going to work on my practice sampler until my tendonitis got a bit better and I could knit again (did I mention I haven't been able… Continue reading This isn’t knitting.