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Knitter’s Weekend Part II: TNNA Designer’s Lunch Meetup

One of the things I've been wanting to save up to get for a while are a couple of professional memberships/certification programs. It hasn't happened yet, but this weekend while The National Needlearts Association trade show (TNNA) was in Columbus I crashed the party for an informal lunch meetup with a bunch of fellow designers… Continue reading Knitter’s Weekend Part II: TNNA Designer’s Lunch Meetup

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Small Business Upgrade

Insert crackly announcer voice: "We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this special report..."Some of you may have noticed a link I added at the bottom of my last post (some of you are probably even wondering why I'm posting twice on the same day). That link, in case you missed it, goes to my… Continue reading Small Business Upgrade

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A few years ago, I took part in Knit and Crochet Blog Week, and then I promptly forgot about it. I stumbled across the host blog earlier this month, but then forgot about it again (since, evidently, Feedly decided it wasn't going to link/show her blog in my feed...still not sure how I feel about… Continue reading 4KCBWDAY2

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I was supposed to have another pattern up now. For the shawl I showed you last week.That didn't happen.Those glaring issues I mentioned? I turns out that the increases/decreases I tested in my swatch didn't translate to a larger piece. Not only that, but they throw off the lettering.The only way to fix it?Start over,… Continue reading Wall

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Feast or Famine

One of the reasons I decided to take a break from creative writing is because it wasn't where my headspace was. Not only do I have things to accomplish on my self-imposed deadline, but right now knitting and designing is where my brain is at. When you're thinking in terms of K2TOG v. SSK, sometimes… Continue reading Feast or Famine

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No Such Thing as a Day Off

Just a couple of things to show you today:Here is the sample of the next pattern for Censored. I was feeling very optimistic about this pattern, until I laid it all out this morning and spotted two glaring issues--issues which might force me to rip back the whole thing and start over. Can you spot… Continue reading No Such Thing as a Day Off

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You know what kind of stinks? Moving during the last week of NaNoWriMo.You know what stinks more? Finding out less than a weeks before you move that the house won't be ready or even livable.But, somehow (I'm still not sure how) I managed to knock out my 50k. 50,005 words, to be exact, and then… Continue reading Whew.