I've been sick since Friday. Just a bit of a cold, but I spent most of the weekend in bed. I got a lot of knitting done, and I think that I might have exhausted the costume drama selection on Netflix (at least, the ones that I'm interested it. I can only watch so many… Continue reading History

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UFO Sightings

I made a few small dents in the UnFinished Object bin over the weekend. On Friday, I cast off the dish mat that I started just before we moved into our current house--back in November, I think. It's been languishing for a while. First because lack of yarn, and then because I just plain forgot… Continue reading UFO Sightings

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RSI and Knitting Part II

If you missed part one of this series, you can find it here.  **DISCLAIMER**I am not a doctor. The following are simply a list of things that have worked for me for managing my own pain. Your mileage may vary. Please consult with your physician before starting any kind of treatment plan. That being said,… Continue reading RSI and Knitting Part II

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RSI and Knitting Part I

It has been requested that I talk a little bit about RSI and some of the things that I do to combat it. Today is part one. Part two, which will include the preventative treatments, will go up on Wednesday.IntroductionFor those who don't know, RSI stands for Repetative Stress Injury. Examples of this would be… Continue reading RSI and Knitting Part I

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Finished Object Friday

I have just a few things to show you today, a few things I finished up for around the house and as holiday gifts:In total, I made six or eight of these towels, though a few are still waiting for suitable buttons. They all came from the same package, however, so the patterns are mostly… Continue reading Finished Object Friday

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Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Crochet

It's only been what, two years coming? Three? Well, at long last, I finally present the tutorial for my favorite holiday gift to give: Crochet/knit tea towels and washcloths.Tea Towel: Crochet version (makes 2 sets)  Tools and Materials:1 tea towel or kitchen hand towel (you can also use bath and towels, but I like the patterns… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Tutorial: Crochet

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Giftmas Knitting Part II: Project ideas

For those keeping track, Kwanza begins in 47 days, Christmas is in 45, Yule is 6 weeks from today and Hanukkah is one month and one day away. If you're a knitter, now might be a good time to start panicking if you haven't finished at least one of your holiday gifts yet. Never fear,… Continue reading Giftmas Knitting Part II: Project ideas

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Hey, Look What I Made!

Want to see what I made while I was “away”?Linen stitch coasters made from my handspunLinen stitch is probably one of my favorite stitch types. I like both the front and back of the fabric, and it works so well for handspun yarn, or yarn that tends to pool. And coasters are great for stashbusting.… Continue reading Hey, Look What I Made!


Sick Days

I've been sick since Sunday. At first I thought it was just allergies, but I've had a fever that comes back every time my dayquil wears off. Everything is exhausting. I stayed home from school one day, but that was all I could afford to miss. Called off work today--I really just need two good… Continue reading Sick Days


Crocheted Hand Towel Tutorial (incomplete)

I'm hoping to add some pictures to this tutorial soon, but, as we all know, I'm not that great when it comes to picture taking. Crocheted Hand Towels—Advanced (makes two) Materials: 1 hand towel (cheaper is better) 1 ball of 100% cotton yarn to match the towel. I used Sugar ‘n’ Cream. Matching sewing thread… Continue reading Crocheted Hand Towel Tutorial (incomplete)