Guest Post: Corsets!

This week's post comes to you from Missouri Dalton, who is far more knowledgeable about corsets than I am. Missouri a writer and artist from Ohio. You can find her blog here. Her latest book, A Curse on the Mountain, is now available from Dreamspinner Press. Ah, corsets. The foundation of many a historical costumer's… Continue reading Guest Post: Corsets!

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Something to Do in My Spare Time

This past weekend was the GoodGuys car show in downtown Columbus. As I do every year, I went on Saturday with my parents (Dad shows a '53 Chevy pickup). And as usual, I dressed for the occasion. (Photos coming soon; they're on Mom's camera.)My motto is that if you can wear a costume, you should.… Continue reading Something to Do in My Spare Time

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History Wednesday: The Bletchely Circle

Period fashion! Knitwear! I love the bow.  I thought I would continue my pattern of history-related posts on Wednesday. For typewriter fans, this might be relevent to your interests. Or, if you're just a geek like me.Several weeks ago, someone on Facebook posted a quick summary of a new British show called The Bletchely Circle.… Continue reading History Wednesday: The Bletchely Circle

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Steampunk Symposium Part II: Costumes, Crafts, Booklust, and more!

Here we go, round two of the Con Report!CostumesI am horrible at taking photos, especially of my own costumes. I didn't even remember to take out my camera for most of the weekend.Once we arrived at the hotel, it didn't take long for me to realized that I'd left two key costumes pieces behind. The… Continue reading Steampunk Symposium Part II: Costumes, Crafts, Booklust, and more!

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Finishing Friday

It's getting to be crunch time. Seven days from now, I'll be in Cincinnati for Steampunk Symposium.Wednesday I spent all day sewing, attempting to get our costumes finished. Missouri has a lovely skirt, and the bulk for my Victorian walking dress is done, it's just waiting on buttons and trim--which my end up hand sewn… Continue reading Finishing Friday

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Skirting the Issue

Literally.This is that skirt I promised to show you last week, but wasn't able to photograph.I used a yard or two of fabric that I've been sitting on for over a year with no idea what to do with it, and a pair of jeans that had worn through in places. Normally, I wear it… Continue reading Skirting the Issue

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Fashion Inspiration: Steampunk

At the end of April, I will once again be venturing off to Cincinnati for Steampunk Symposium. Last year we had a wonderful time--dancing, watching panels, meeting people, and this year promises more of the same on a grander scale. This year, Missouri and I will be hosing a panel on conserving and mimicking history.… Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Steampunk

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News From the Front

When I packed for the Steampunk Empire Symposium, I came prepared for everything. We brought food, water, a first aide kit. I packed a second set of panty hose (which is good, since I put my thumb through the first pair as I was putting them on), and I even brought along a second knitting… Continue reading News From the Front

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Costume p0rn and Typewriters VI

The HelpThis is the last regular post I have planned in this series, though my next Netflix might get tagged on at the end and I'll probably revisit it from time to time, since by now you all know how much I love writing about costumes in general, and period costumes in particular.I talked a… Continue reading Costume p0rn and Typewriters VI

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Costume p0rn and Typewriters V

The King's SpeechThis is another movie I've spoken about on the blog, rather at length, so let me sum up: Great hats, elegant costumes (would there be anything else in a film about British Royalty?) and an Oliver (which seems to be eluding my image searches, along with some of the better dresses from the… Continue reading Costume p0rn and Typewriters V