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As you all know (hopefully, anyway!) I've been working on a book of knitting patterns for the past year. I got a contract, and have been working on patterns and samples.Until Monday night. Monday night, I was hoping to get shipping info for my yarn support (yarn provided by the publisher and a willing company… Continue reading CENSORED

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Random Three

I keep missing my blogging deadlines.Nothing wrong, this time around. I'm just behind on almost everything (still. Always).Mostly, I'm just glad that last week is over. I'm just trying to make up for all of the stuff I missed because of all of the crap that was happening.so in the mean time, you get a… Continue reading Random Three

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Don’t Mind the Ice

Ignore that frost over there in the corner. It's just hell freezing over. Do you know why?I've got a finished object.With pictures.How often does that happen?I started this super-basic shrug about 2-3 weeks ago at the Ravelry/Pride meetup, and finished it up this afternoon. It was such a lovely, sunny day that I took my… Continue reading Don’t Mind the Ice

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Typecast #10

Have I really only done ten of these? It's been way too long!Click to make them bigger.And as an added bonus, a photo of Hermes and his "guilty" face for unplugging my monitor.You can see he feels about as much guilt as any cat ever does. Which is to say, none.Last but not least, the… Continue reading Typecast #10

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*stage whisper*Okay, so you know that book I've been working on?It's been accepted. No details yet. I will share them as soon as I get them. But people! I'm publishing a book!!

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A Proposal and a Rejection

(No, not that kind of proposal. Sorry, Mom.)Well, it finally happened. I sent it out.Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and sent the book proposal for CENSORED to two different publishers. In about 24 hours, I had a response from the larger of the two. It was a very polite and encouraging “no.” Still,… Continue reading A Proposal and a Rejection

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Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

I'm starting to think that the hardest part of writing a book is writing the proposal. Getting the manuscript out in such a way isn't so much of a challenge as convincing other people that they should care about it. My natural shyness doesn't help--I was raised to be humble, play off my accomplishments. "So… Continue reading Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

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It occurred to me this week that it was a bit insane for me to finish three large knitting projects, write a knitting book, and write two novels and at least three short stories in the next twelve months while holding down a full time job. And also blogging and you know, having a life.… Continue reading Shuffling

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It was knitting week, with a side of TV.

It has been a long day. An incredibly long day, filled with crazy, angry people, including one guy who thought it was totally cool to use my workspace in an associates only section of the store as a changing table for his 2.5 year old.Yeah, it was that kind of crazy.On the bright side, though,… Continue reading It was knitting week, with a side of TV.

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I've been plugging away at the book. Initially I had wanted to have all of the patterns done before Christmas, but I realize that was somewhat overambitious. My new goal is for the end of April. So far all of the scarf patterns are done--a narrower version of the infamous "Fuck You" scarf, as well… Continue reading Censored