Not the Cat we were Looking For

This is Gwydion. Gwyd showed up on Friday in the trap we set to catch Morrigan (who hasn't been seen). He was clearly not feral, but also clearly had been living rough for a while. We pegged him between 8-12 months old. We didn't have the heart to let him go, so we took him… Continue reading Not the Cat we were Looking For

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The "Quickie" Project taking slightly longer than I thought.So I've been thinking for a while that there are two things that I need in my bathroom, which kind of also became Hermes' room when Jolie was staying with us (did I mention that she finally went home, after over three months? I am overjoyed! Sweet cat--not so… Continue reading The "Quickie" Project

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Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

I'm starting to think that the hardest part of writing a book is writing the proposal. Getting the manuscript out in such a way isn't so much of a challenge as convincing other people that they should care about it. My natural shyness doesn't help--I was raised to be humble, play off my accomplishments. "So… Continue reading Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.