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Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

I know I said I was scaling back on the writing, but clearly cutting out books is not my intention. This is my upcoming reading list. And that's not even including The Lord of the Rings that's currently sitting by my bed: Clearly I have enough there to give you at least a book review… Continue reading Buried in Books (and That’s the Way I Like It)

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A List, Some Reviews, and BOOYA!

1. I recently finished Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light by Tanya Huff. This was her second or third novel, I believe, and one of her lesser known ones. I strongly recommend that any fans of urban fantasy check it out as it is just as good as her Blood Ties books. It follows nicely… Continue reading A List, Some Reviews, and BOOYA!

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I’ve taken the leap…

...and landed in the technological age. Last week I ordered a Nook, which arrived yesterday. Before you get too shocked though, I should mention that it is a Nook First Edition, which I bought used because the newer ones just didn't appeal to me.Also, it was cheaper. And less complicated.The first thing I did was… Continue reading I’ve taken the leap…