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Women’s History Month: Miné Okubo

I came to the realization recently that all of my historical profiles have been of white women, so for the month of March, in honor of Women's History Month, I'll be profiling women of diverse backgrounds. Obviously, I can't touch on every possible nationality or marginalization in the time I have, but I will be… Continue reading Women’s History Month: Miné Okubo

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History Fixation

Late last week, Missouri sent me a fascinating link to an article about an article on chatelains. I love chatelains and have been wanting to make myself one, though it's become slightly redundant since she made me my wonderful seamstress' assistant for the convention. Personally, working in retail, I would love to see chatelains come… Continue reading History Fixation

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More Art History (sans Pizza)

I actually forgot to post another funny story from my art history class yesterday. Michelangelo was commissioned to do a larger than lifesize bronze statue of Pope Julius II to put on top of a church in Bologna, which had just been conquered by the Church. Now, this particular building was a great source of… Continue reading More Art History (sans Pizza)

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Art History, Pass the Pizza, Dude

Right now in Art history, we are going over the Ninja Turtles: Leonardo and Michelangelo, how they were influence by Donatello, and later, how Raphael was influenced by the three of them. Today's lesson was about how Michelangelo's David got Splintered.This famous statue has suffered decent amounts of man-inflicted damage; three times, in fact. The… Continue reading Art History, Pass the Pizza, Dude