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In Case You Missed It

Lots going on this week, so I just wanted to do a quick recap for anyone who might have missed out.I'm entering a contest to win $5,000 for my business. To see what exactly that would mean for me, click here. Please vote for me and share the link, since the person with the most… Continue reading In Case You Missed It

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What I Did on my Summer Vacation Part 2

Words written: Not nearly enoughStories finished: 1Books read: 10Projects knit: 3Projects crocheted: 2Projects sewn: 1Reviews received: 3Typewriters spotted: 6Miles biked: 23.5I'm back!I had a lovely time off, and I really missed this blog. There were so many times when I actually had to refrain myself from writing, but part of the time away was just… Continue reading What I Did on my Summer Vacation Part 2

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Best Laid Plans of Mice and Me

I was supposed to have a finished pattern up this week. Instead, I seem to be doing everything but knitting, including writing, researching, and spending way too much time on nail art than is probably healthy. I wasn't intending it, but somehow my nail blog turned into a daily thing, and I'm having a lot… Continue reading Best Laid Plans of Mice and Me


Is this thing on?

Well, here we are. My first "real" blog. For a while, I had one on Gaia online, but it's rather discouraging when no one reads the posts I spent so long putting together.I guess I should back up a little here.Knot Magick is based off of the Gaia journal, Darknit!. The problem with Gaia is… Continue reading Is this thing on?