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Woodstock: Autumn of Love

  The newest member of my collection.I haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but so far it appears that everything works, though the shift lock tends to stick (getting better with use and a little oil), and one of the fraction keys doesn't quite make it all the way to the… Continue reading Woodstock: Autumn of Love

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Look, a Distraction!

What day is it? I've lost track. My internal calender is broken. On Saturday I thought it was Tuesday, and Monday I kept thinking it was Friday. Clearly sleep is in order.I do have knitting to show you, but photos won't get taken until this weekend. In the mean time, may I present early color… Continue reading Look, a Distraction!

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20s Week Part II: Movies

I love movies. Great inspiration for writing, and perfect background for knitting! Last week, I watched another silent film, Metropolis (German, 1927). The restored version of this film is available on DVD and streaming from Netflix, and I encourage you to watch it for several reasons. Even if you don't, click the link above to… Continue reading 20s Week Part II: Movies

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20’s Week Part I: Fashion

Inspired by one of the stories I'm working on, I declare this 20's Week!Have I mentioned that I love the 1920s? I adore art deco, and the fashion--though I'm far too curvy to ever be able to pull it off. Flapper dresses make me look like I'm wearing a very glittery potato sack. It's a… Continue reading 20’s Week Part I: Fashion

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Points of Inspiration

Currently Reading: The Type-Writer GirlCurrently Watching: MisfitsI've been feeling a little out of it lately. This morning when I left for the parent's house to do laundry, I managed to leave behind the book I was reading, my knitting, and the notes for the scenese I'm supposed to be working on for my November goal,… Continue reading Points of Inspiration