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#MHMon Reading Recommendations

Now that the holidays are over and we are into "The dead of winter" I thought now might be a good time to list a few of my go-to books for these dark, dreary months, when my depression tends to be at its worst. I've broken these into segments, so that you can compile your… Continue reading #MHMon Reading Recommendations


2019 Charity Donations

As many of you know, I have had some severe financial difficulties the past few years. Since leaving home, we've had many days when we didn't know how we would pay the bills or if we would have a place to live in a month. My readers have seen me through under employment, unemployment, low… Continue reading 2019 Charity Donations

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2018 Wrap Up

Books written: 3 Books published: 3 Books queried: 2 Books read: Cats acquired: 1 Road trips taken: 1 Total knitting projects: Total sewing projects: Units of chocolate consumed: Too many to count Plans for new year: infinite   Like what you see? You can find my books on Amazon!


Changes in 2019

A couple of months ago I hinted at some changes that will be coming to my production schedule and the website starting in January. I'm just going to make a quick list to preview some of the things you can look forward to next year. I'll be releasing 2 books in 2019. Early details will… Continue reading Changes in 2019


Bast Break

Happy Holidays!   May you be cozy and warm, regardless of what you celebrate. Like what you see? Check out Kitten Break


Pickle Tree

Continuing the theme of "The Victorians were weird and morbid" I have another Christmas tradition for you, one many of you might be familiar with but don't know the origin of: The Christmas Pickle. In Germany and some parts of Eastern Europe, it is tradition to hang a pickle ornament somewhere on the tree. It's… Continue reading Pickle Tree


The Creepiest Dolls in History

I've said it before, and I will say it again: The Victorians were weird. They had some crazy traditions, from medically prescribed vibrators to electric corsets, but probably the most well known of their weird ideas is their obsession with death. Entire books have been written about death and mourning culture in the 19th century, and… Continue reading The Creepiest Dolls in History


Fueled by Tea

When it comes to big writing marathons, I am fueled by tea. In the past year or so, however, I've had a lot of problems with insomnia, and that means I usually can't drink my go-to black tea when I get home from work, and I definitely can't drink it at 8pm, when I typically… Continue reading Fueled by Tea


What I’m Watching

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I'll admit it, I was a huge fan of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch back in the day, so I was really hesitant about watching the new series on Netflix. Like Penny Dreadful, I'm classifying this one as a "problematic favorite." If you missed the drama, the Church of Satan (yes, it's… Continue reading What I’m Watching


Paper Trail

As many of us get ready to travel for the holidays, we prepare by buying plane tickets, arranging for pet sitters, getting the oil changed in the car, making sure the passports are up to date, and a plethora of other little tasks that need done before traveling out of state or out of country.… Continue reading Paper Trail