Nano Nano 2022

Not going to lie, this feels anticlimactic.  I look forward to nanowrimo all year long, and this year was no different. I’ve been planning to work on the second White Rose Railroad book for ages, but it’s just not coming together. I’ve lost Mrs. Andrews’ voice, and her story just isn’t working no matter what… Continue reading Nano Nano 2022


Writing WIPs and Nano Plans

Over on Youtube I've been experimenting more with writing vlogs in the form of the Author Diaries series. This fall I've been focusing on clearing the decks before Nanowrimo and 2023 start. All of this began back in August, and so far I think I've made some really good progress. I finished and started editing… Continue reading Writing WIPs and Nano Plans


Knit Tea October 2022

Eisaku Noro, the founder of Noro Yarns, passed away on September 9. Find out more about him here. Southern California teen Noemi Mendez crocheted her Quinceanera dress Knitwear designer Veronika Lindberg knitted and crocheted her wedding dress. She chronicled the journey on her youtube channel. She also released a book of patterns, Knit This! around… Continue reading Knit Tea October 2022


Preptober: Nanowrimo Rewards

Lacking motivation? We all need a carrot on a stick sometimes. Here are a few little rewards--big and small--that can keep you motivated no matter your budget. You can find more ideas for how to crush Nanowrimo in my Nanowrimo Workbook. Daily Rewards ($0-$5) Put a gold star on your calendar for each day you… Continue reading Preptober: Nanowrimo Rewards


Publishing Roadmap Release!

It's a little late, but the Publishing Roadmap is out now and available for download from my shop. This booklet looks at Traditional, Small Press/Indie, and self publishing, as well as things like writing for websites and magazines. There's also basic marketing info, a guide to hand selling your books, and worksheets and checklists you… Continue reading Publishing Roadmap Release!


Preptober: Supplies for Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo is nearly upon us, so it's time to kick off Preptober. Below are some of my "must haves" for effective binge writing, but please don't feel like any of these items are strictly necessary. All you really need is a pencil, some paper, and your creativity. When I was really struggling, it was just… Continue reading Preptober: Supplies for Nanowrimo


Nanowrimo Workbook Flash Sale!

That's right! Download a copy of the Nanowrimo Workbook, my guide to having your most successful Nanowrimo ever, for FREE with code Nano22. This sale is only good through the 12th, so download now! This workbook is based on my Nanowrimo Bootcamp series here on the blog, which uses exercises like those below to prepare… Continue reading Nanowrimo Workbook Flash Sale!


Q4 2022 Schedule

October 1 (That's tomorrow!) will be the release of the Publishing Roadmap over on Gumroad. This digital download goes over all kinds of different publishing paths and the pros and cons of each to help you make the best decision about how you want to publish and share your writing. There are also pintables to… Continue reading Q4 2022 Schedule


Halloween Knitting Patterns

Anyone else pumped to get into spooky season? You know I'm always excited for anything involving ghosts and witches. Here are a few spooky-themed patterns to inspire you for fall. Note: All links go to Ravelry unless otherwise noted. Halloween Dolls Set by Sara Barbosa Halloween Bat by Mariya Stany Halloween Web Collar… Continue reading Halloween Knitting Patterns


Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Club Foot

Club foot is a relatively common birth defect, impacting up to 4 births in 1,000. It's a type of joint contracture that causes one or both feet to turn in and down, leading to difficulty walking if untreated. This isn't actually a lethal disease on it's own; it typically doesn't have any comorbidities, and isn't… Continue reading Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Club Foot