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20141220_172713Sophia Beaumont was born and raised in Ohio, where she dreamed of living anyplace but. Surrounded by books from an early age, her first love was historical fiction. She has since returned to the 19th century after a detour through urban fantasy.

In her spare time she enjoys knitting, binge watching Netflix, and dressing up in historical costumes–sometimes for fun, and sometimes to educate. She is a living history volunteer and specializes in the history of women’s rights in late 1800s America.

In addition to rural Ohio, she has also lived in Florence, Italy and Montreal, Quebec, where she hopes to one day return. Presently, c3dfa-dscf0214she lives and works in Columbus with her partner in crime, Missouri Dalton, and her number one assistant, Hermes the cat, who thinks he is a FANTASTIC editor, but can frequently be found napping on the job.

Hey, writing is hard work.









email: author.sophiabeaumont@gmail.com



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