20141220_172713People think I’m exaggerating when I say I have been working towards publication for twenty years, but it’s completely true. An only child, I became dependent on stories from an early age–the ones I saw on television, the ones I read, and especially the ones I told myself.

My isolated upbringing gave me plenty of time for reading and writing, and fostered a love for history, historical fiction, and fantasy. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t influence my decision to volunteer as a historical interpreter. Really, I’m just a kid who likes to play dress up.

I get lots of help when I write. For example, Hermes thinks he is a FANTASTIC editor:


“You used ‘that’ how many times in this manuscript?”

But unfortunately, he can often be found napping on the job:



Hey, writing is hard work.







email: author.sophiabeaumont@gmail.com

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  1. Good luck with PitchWars!


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