2023 plans

2022 was a weird year at Chez KnotMagick, and not in a good way. There were a lot of ups and downs, what with my employment situation, temping, and just the general state of the world. I even ended up scraping my Nanowrimo plans, and didn’t even participate this year, though it’s normally a regular part of my production schedule. I had several small projects that needed to be completed, and one larger project that just never came together; I can now officially say that OFF THE RAILS is a standalone novel; I will not be writing the planned sequel, because I feel that the story and tone don’t fit with the first book. That’s not to say I won’t revisit the world or the characters in the future, but it just isn’t going to become the series I thought it would when I first started writing it. 

 So what am I writing instead? Well, my brain and my creative well need a bit of a break. I’ve been teetering on the edge of burnout, coming back, and then wearing myself out again. So this year I’m just going to work on some stuff for fun–I have several short stories lined up for Patreon, and I’ll be working on my cozy mystery series, which I hope to begin releasing next year. If you want more info on that, you’ll have to join Patreon. They’ve already gotten to read the first draft of book 1. 

As for releases…a compiled version of Midnight Radio, the 1950s Lovecraft-inspired short story series I ran on Patreon last year will be available in ebook form later this year, sometime in March. If you want to read an advanced copy and aren’t on the Patreon, you can sign up for my ARC mailing list for reviewers to find out when all my new releases and advanced copies become available. I only send out those emails 1-2x a year. 

I haven’t decided if I’m going to release a new Sine Peril book in the fall. (That’s another reason to sign up to the ARC mailing list.) My pen names are basically facets of my personality, and that darker side of my creativity has been in panic mode lately; it’s very hard to be creative in panic mode. So Sine is taking a break this year (apart from editing Midnight Radio) while Sophia works on that cozy mystery. I might take advantage of a slightly lighter writing schedule to focus on the knitting book I’ve been wanting to write. But I’ve also been dragging my way through the same projects for months, so that may or may not happen. That’s just some behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve been toying with.

Anyway, thanks for joining me for another year of writing and knitting and exploring all the points in history I wouldn’t survive. See you around.