Preptober: Nanowrimo Rewards

Lacking motivation? We all need a carrot on a stick sometimes. Here are a few little rewards–big and small–that can keep you motivated no matter your budget. You can find more ideas for how to crush Nanowrimo in my Nanowrimo Workbook.

Daily Rewards ($0-$5)

  • Put a gold star on your calendar for each day you meet par.
  • Put off watching your favorite show or youtube channel until after you get your words in.
  • Reward yourself with an Oreo or other favorite sweet treat when you hit par. If it’s a really good day, you can have two cookies.
  • Grab a multipack of some pens you like or want to try; you get one pen for each day you reach your goal.

Mid-Stream Rewards ($0-10)
For 10k-35k milestones, or 25-75% completion)

  • a new notebook.
  • washi tape or fancy stickers.
  • Rent that movie you’ve been waiting to hit Netflix that never does.
  • Treat yourself to something from your hobby, like a magazine, a nice container to keep your supplies in, or a cut of fabric.
  • Starbucks or fancy drink of choice.
  • Buddy up with a fellow Wrimo and write encouraging letters for each other to open at certain points (Feeling discouraged, hitting 50%, killed a character you really liked, having a 5k day, etc. It’s up to you)

Celebration Rewards
For hitting 50k, finishing the novel, or other major milestones

  • A new tarot deck, book, video game, streaming service, etc
  • Go to the movies or out to dinner
  • mani and/or pedi
  • Take the weekend off. Spouse has to cook instead (or clean or play chauffeur for the kids, whatever)
  • Spend a weekend in your favorite spot.
  • Go wild. Add a cake to your grocery order.
  • Restoring a typewriter, sewing machine, or other piece of equipment? Splurge and send that part you’ve been struggling with to a pro.

I hope these help you to stay motivated, no matter where you are as a writer or what your budget is. What are some free or low-cost ways your reward yourself?

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