Q4 2022 Schedule

October 1 (That’s tomorrow!) will be the release of the Publishing Roadmap over on Gumroad. This digital download goes over all kinds of different publishing paths and the pros and cons of each to help you make the best decision about how you want to publish and share your writing. There are also pintables to help you make decisions, track queries and submissions, and prepare for your first author event.

November 1 is the start of Nanowrimo! You can find me over on as Sine Peril. I haven’t been super active in their forums the last couple of years, but I’m always looking for writing buddies!

December 1 is the release of the full Author Roadmap, which includes the New Author Workbook, The Nanowrimo Workbook, and the Publishing Roadmap, all in one volume. Not only will it still include all of the printable, but you’ll also be able to find the omnibus edition on Amazon, or download the regular PDF from my shop.

I will be taking time off from the blog as usual between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m going to try to pre-schedule as much as I can, but we have some major life stuff happening in that gap, and I don’t know how available I’ll be. If we end up with radio silence here on the blog, no worries, I’ll be back in January.