Camp Nanowrimo

Did you take part? What was your goal?

I normally ignore the camp events, but I had several short stories I wanted to get done for Patreon, so I decided hey, why not do Camp Nanowrimo?

Guys, I got so close. I ended up short of my goal, but I still wrote 33,881 of my estimated 48,000 words and crossed five of my seven shorts off my list, plus a couple of other short things I needed to write. Even though I didn’t quite hit my goal, I’m still proud of my progress. I probably could have finished those last two stories if it hadn’t been for some day job drama and a heatwave that hit the last week of July. My brain just melted and I spent a lot of time sleeping or just trying to escape the worst of the heat since we don’t have AC.

The stories I did finish were episodes 5-9 of Midnight Radio for Patreon, a podcast script, and a personal project. I think that’s still a pretty respectable turn out.

Now that we’re in August, I’m waiting to hear back on a new temp job. In the mean time, I’ll be going back to writing. I’ve been so lazy the past few days because of the heat, but we’re finally back in our normal PNW temperatures, so I can get back to my usual writing schedule.

And if you know of anyone who needs a remote assistant or a writer, let me know.