Hey, want some swag?

Over on Patreon, there are several levels of support on offer, starting at the $3 base level. 

For higher tiers, I offer physical rewards in the form of yearly swag packs and quarterly messages. 

The yearly gifts go out in October and include things like: 

  • stitch markers/charms
  • handmade project bags
  • notebooks and stationary
  • a personal message from me and the clowder
  • Other handmade items like jewelry, stickers, and small handknit objects
  • Exclusive discount codes
  • Postcards, bookmarks, and other branded items

If you want one of these packs, all you have to do is head over to Patreon by September 1, 2022 and sign up or upgrade your membership to the $10 level or higher. 

You can always downgrade your membership after October 31, I just need to know in advance how many of these packages I need to put together so I can get the materials in order and figure out where the boxes are going. 

Don’t forget about the $75 Shadow Helper level for authors seeking mentors. Not only do you qualify for one of these gift boxes, but you also get personal mentorship, editing, and general help and hand holding for your book. 

If $10 is too much for you right now (and trust me, I totally get it), then no worries. There’s still the $3 tier, and there are plenty of ways you can help me out for ABSOLUTELY FREE, like leaving reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, or subscribing to my youtube channel so I can get a little closer to monetization. These things really help me out!

Thanks again for all of your support. Just remember, if you want one of these boxes, you need to sign up by September 1. 

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