Anyone Out There?

Hey guys. Got a question for you, if you live in the PNW: What conventions do you go to? Specifically, if you like books or steampunk or knitting (or all three). I know about the Comic Cons, and while I would love to go, they are pricy and crowded and not quite my scene.

I want to get back into the con scene, sharing panels, teaching classes, etc, but I’m starting in a new state and it’s tricky, especially since so many of these cons got hit hard during lockdown. I still plan on being safe, wearing a mask, etc. But I would like to start getting out more. Cons have always been a big part of my business, part of selling books and finding new readers. Some of you might even have started following this blog because we met at Steampunk Symposium.

Unfortunately, Symposium is 3,000 miles away now, and that’s not something I can regularly commit to. So I’m trying to find something more local, and I want to know where my readers are hanging out.

So, if there’s a convention or event that you think would be a good fit, or where you’d like to hear me talk about books, costumes, textiles, or history, mention it in the comments!

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