Writing WIPs

Now that Magic in Midtown is out, and a series is complete, what am I working on right now?

  1. My current project is finishing the rest of the Midnight Radio series. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a running series of spooky, Cthuhlu-esque short stories I’m running over on patreon. You can read the first episode for free, and joining at the $3 tier will get you access to not only the rest of the series as it’s released, but all of the other stories, polls, and behind the scenes goodies I have over there. Even better, once I hit my first patreon goal, I’ll be releasing an ebook of all my short stories just for patrons.
  2. I’m also working up a second series of short stories for Patreon, but those are top secret right now.
  3. My series for Piecework continues to grow. I just turned in article number 4 about the Eleonora Project, which will be out later this summer. I still have 4 more articles to go!
  4. One of my goals for this summer is to get back into the world of Mrs. Andrews and Off the Rails. I always intended for that book to be part of a series or larger world, but time has gotten away from me on that one. I’m hoping to finish the first draft of her second book by the end of the summer.

Of course, I’m also working here on the block, looking for other magazines and websites I can look for, and pecking away at other projects as the spirit moves me.

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