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Magic in Midtown Cover and Q&A

Sorry, which book is this?
I’ve referred to this as Magic in the Jazz Age previously, but have been unhappy with that title for a while. This is the title my patrons voted on. You can vote on titles, character names, plot points, and more over on Patreon.

What series is it from?
This is the second AJ Marshall book, so you’ll want to read Magic in the Headlines first.

Great! Where do I get it?
The kindle edition will be available on Amazon. All ebook formats, including PDF, will be up in Gumroad. Don’t see your preferred format? Just drop me a line and I can add it to the shop.

What about paperbacks?
Currently, I am focusing on ebooks only for reasons I outlined several months ago in a blog post I can no longer seem to find. Short version: they don’t sell outside of conventions, and I’m not doing conventions right now.

How much is it?
$4.99, but patrons and mailing list subscribers will get a discount code. Have you signed up for either?

Can I preorder it?
Yes you can! The Amazon preorder is live now. Gumroad has done away with preorders, unfortunately.

But what does the cover look like? Who made it?
Fine, fine. I know why you’re really here. As usual, Ash did my wonderful cover:

Stay tuned, because there will be another surprise coming on Friday!

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