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NaNoWriMo Workbook Release

While it is still early in the year, I know a lot of us are already thinking about National Novel Writing Month, or Camp Nano in July.

Whatever your experience level, the Nanowrimo Workbook is designed to help you meet your goals and make the most of your 50,000 words, with tips, anecdotes, examples, writing exercises, and printable worksheets.

Based on the Nanowrimo Bootcamp I used to host here on the blog, it works you up from novice to 1,667 words a day, helping you power through writer’s block and prevent burnout.

For some people, particularly the neurodivergent among us (ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc), your mood might greatly impact your ability to write. However, one of the reasons we’re here, one of the reasons you’re trying Nano out in the first place and the reason you probably picked up this booklet is because you want to train your brain to work outside its comfort zone, right? You want to be able to write when you want to write, on your terms, not when your brain chemistry dictates. 

A lot of authors say that writer’s block doesn’t exist. In some ways, they are right. But I think that vastly oversimplifies things. So let’s break down these challenges and how to work with and around them. 

The booklet is available only through the Gumroad store. You can get your copy of the PDF for just $1.99 starting tomorrow. Unless, of course, you’re a patron. In which case, your copy can be downloaded for free from

Use this booklet alone or download the whole series. The Novice Author Workbook is out now with even more writing advice, and the 3rd part of the series, which covers publishing, will be out in October.

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