A Selection of Finished Objects

Nowadays, most of my finished objects are showing up on my podcast with more detailed descriptions on top of the progress shots, but I still wanted to share a few recent pieces here.

First up, we have the hat which is going with the WWI sweater. It’s made of Knitpicks Twill worsted in the color Fiddlehead. I didn’t use a pattern for this, just knit 2×2 rib all the way through until I ran out of yarn, using up the final of the 6 balls I bought for the sweater. Super basic, but it fits perfectly with the style of soldier’s patterns for the era, which I expounded on at length in that post. It was knit on the same size 7 needles as the sweater.

Next up, with the unwilling Gwyd as a model, we have a cowl I whipped up for Ash out of some leftover cotton yarn. I keep a small stash of non-wool yarns just for her, since she’s allergic to animal fibers.

This is just plain stockinette in the round, two rows of The Unique Sheep Green Sheep (cotton/bamboo blend) in “Boo” with 2 rows of Knitpicks Comfy Fingering. I don’t remember the color and it appears to be out of stock. It might be Blackberry, but I’m not positive.

I used a set of sock needles for this, a US1, so it’s at a much tighter gauge than I would normally use for a cowl, but the fabric came out really nice. It’s a nice long loop so it can be doubled over. Still, I don’t think Gwyd is impressed. Maybe I should have used more catnip?

As Brenda Dayne would say, I was suffering from creative discontent. I have this watch my mom gave me, which I love, but the original band fell apart some time ago. After weeks of searching for a new one, I finally settled on plain black largely because I had no other good options. When the band arrive, it didn’t even fit correctly. So after staring at my useless watch for a while, I decided to make my own band for it.

Crochet was too thick, and knitting too stretchy for the heavy face, so I experimented with weaving. No loom, I just used the watch as a counterweight and tensioned several strands between my fingers. Not a method I recommend. I want to give this another try later with a few changes. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which leftover sock yarn I used because I lost the ball band ages ago. It matches perfectly with the watch though, doesn’t it?

Lastly, I made these fingerless gloves…twice. It’s a self drafted pattern and thanks to my own ability to count, I now have two pairs–one slightly longer than the other, because it didn’t make sense to completely rip out a mitt for the lack of three rows when I had enough yarn left to make another one and there was nothing functionally wrong with it. The ribbing is done in Knitpicks Stroll Fingering “Cold Stream” and the hand portion is the same yarn in “Coffee shop.”

I’ve been working on a lot of other projects, too, so if you want to stay up to date on what I’m making, head over to youtube to check out the latest podcast episode!

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