New Patron Goals

In the interest of keeping a roof over my head, I’ve recently tweaked my Patreon just slightly. All the membership levels are the same, but I’ve added some new membership-based goals.

My Patreon has been fairly stagnant for a while. I’m not entirely sure why, other than “just offering text rewards/author patreons are hard.”

So, let’s just take a quick refresher on what’s available over there:

  • early access to youtube videos
  • Exclusive short stories–there are at least five up right now that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Early access to novels–as in, I post first draft manuscripts you can read in advance, a chapter at a time. I think there are at least five available right now, and some of them still haven’t been published yet.
  • Free downloads. Patterns, planner printables, and more to come are all free for patrons.
  • Discount codes: Patrons have a permeant discount code in my gumroad shop, so you can get 10% off on those signed books, destash yarn, and handmade stitchmarkers.

The new rewards I’m working toward include an exclusive short story collection just for patrons as a free download, making one of my novels a free download, and doing livestreams/chats with patrons. There’s plenty going on there and I try to post something new every Friday, so if you’re missing the twice weekly blog posts, check out patreon for more content, and my youtube channel on Wednesdays for the Knitting podcast, Spooky Stitches, as well as other bonus videos in between episodes. In addition, patrons can opt in to having their name credited in a book or podcast episode as a thank you for their support.

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