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11 (More) Movies of Christmas

In the process of archive-diving for post inspiration, I came across this from all the way back in 2015. Seems like it’s time for an update, no?

1. Noelle
Available on Disney+, this gives me Elf vibes, but less annoying (I really can’t stand Will Farrell), with a dash of The Santa Clause thrown in. 

2. The Muppet Christmas Carol
Yes, I know. Most people view this as a classic. I’m late to the party because I’m usually not big on puppets, so it took me a while to sit down and watch it. 

3. Hawkeye
I know. It’s not a movie. But we’ve been watching it every week as soon as it comes out, and it is probably going to be a tradition. 

4. Christmas at Rosemont
I fully expected this one to be heavy on the religious overtones, but it’s actually quite good and has a little bit of mystery, too. 

5. The Knight Before Christmas
This time-travel story is absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t even bear a passing acquaintance with historical accuracy, but it is a charming holiday watch nonetheless. 

6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
While I no longer support JK Rowling, I find that I have to watch at least one Potter movie around the holidays. Luckily, I already had them on DVD. 

Holiday Episodes

7. The Good Witch
This is my go-to comfort series, and their holiday specials never fail to be sweet and cozy. 

8. Great British Baking Show Holidays
Can you beat GBBO? 

9. The Victorian Farm

10. Wartime Farm
Both this and the Victorian Farm drop three experimental archaeologists into living history locations to experience a year from different decades. There’s also an Edwardian Farm, but these two are my favorites. 

11. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Is it a KnotMagick tv/movie list if I don’t include Miss Fisher? 

All together, that’s 23 movies or holiday specials to watch in the lead up to Christmas. That’s almost a full advent schedule. 

What do you think I missed? What are your must-see holiday favorites? 

I’ll be stepping back from the blog for a couple of weeks to get some research done, but we’ll be back in January. Happy Holidays!

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