Colors in the Dark

Eileen, “The Spirit Princess of New York,” has spent her life on the stage, supporting her family just as her mother and grandmother before her. And like her predecessors, she knows that one day her powers will drive her insane.

But while traveling in London, Eileen meets the Temple siblings, a brother and sister who show her there might be another way–a way that doesn’t involve stage dramatics and bending to the every whim of her father and grandfather. A way that might allow her to truly be herself with the woman she loves for the first time.

The longer Eileen is in London, the more she realizes that her family isn’t want it seems–and there might be hope on the horizon, after all, if she’s brave enough to make the change. But what will it cost in the end?

Cover by Ash K. Alexander.

When does this book come out?

October 5, but patrons who preordered through gumroad get theirs a week early.

What formats will be available?

Ebook only, but if you need a format other than Kindle, check the gumroad shop. I always upload epub and .pdf variants.

Why isn’t there a paperback?

Quite simply, I don’t make any online paperback sales. My paperbacks mostly sell at conventions, so until I’m able to appear in person again, I’m not creating paperback editions of new releases. Books that were previously available in paperback will continue to be in paperback, however; I’m not making any changes to my backlist.

What age group is this for?

I consider this an upper young adult book; like most of my YA stories, I recommend it for 16+ due to some of the concepts and content.

What trigger/content warnings are there for this book?

Colors deals heavily with emotional abuse, and there are scenes of physical abuse. Additionally, I did not change the world of 1888 drastically, so while there are queer characters, the closet plays a big role in the story.

Are there any discount codes?

Patrons have received a coupon code for 25% off, and there will probably be a coupon for mailing list subscribers in October for a smaller percentage. You can sign up to the mailing list for free in the sidebar, and Patron memberships start at just $1.

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