I told myself that I would take May completely off from all writing and publishing while I recover from my massive case of burnout.

The problem is that writing is something that I genuinely love to do; it’s been my hobby since I was in first grade. Telling myself to not write, like, at all, is like telling me I have to tie my right hand behind my back for the rest of the month.

In the end, I know this is what I need. I do have stories percolating. But I’m letting them grow at their own pace instead of forcing them onto paper and trying to figure out how I’ll market them.

Instead, I’m doing a lot of knitting.

Like, a whole shit ton.

And some other stuff, too.

It started with a trip to the POD, where I recovered some WIPs, some supplies I’ve been missing since we moved, and my Amish yarn swift. I’ve never been a fan of light colored wood, especially when it’s mostly unfinished. So I pulled out a couple cans of spray paint, some bat decals leftover from another project, and a good can of clear coat, and set to work.

The plastic washer that goes between the arms and the stand is lost somewhere, probably still in the POD, so I took a small hair tie and wrapped it a couple of times around the central peg, and it works a treat. I also painted the little pegs that go in the arms, and I’m considering adding a bit of gold acrylic paint to it, and I’m also thinking about adding something to the top of the pegs, as one problem I’ve had with this specific swift is that, since I usually have to set it up on the floor, the yarn often slips over the top of the pegs while I’m winding. No solid plans yet, though.

The box I’d been keeping my swift in got crushed during the move, so I need to come up with a new storage solution for this oddly-shaped item. First I looked at the swift bags from Knitpicks, which I’ve been wanting for a while. Unfortunately, they are 2″ too short for my particular swift. Sewing circles is a pain, so I grabbed some scrap yarn and cast on and just knit like crazy for a couple of days until I had a 26″ tube. It’s not pretty, but it keeps the pieces of my swift together.

Of course, once that was done I also had to give my new embroidery frame the same treatment. I purchased this frame for the Eleonora Project. I wanted to add bat decals to it, too, but didn’t have any small enough to fit into the available space. Alas. I did not knit a bag for the embroidery frame, but I might make some kind of storage solution for it later. I haven’t decided if I want it in a box or a bag.

One of the WIPs I pulled out of storage was an embroidery project I started ages ago. It’s based on a tattoo a knitting friend has. I finished what was left in an afternoon, but haven’t decided if I’m going to add a background or what it will be. I do think, however, I will add little tiny text next to Toothless that reads, “Mine.” Perhaps a few scattered balls of yarn at his feet? Er, paws?

Once that was done, I was bitten by the embroidery bug. We started watching Rust Valley Restorers on Netflix, which combines two of my favorite things: restoration/conservation and classic cars. The show follows a shop in BC that restores classic cars, and they do gorgeous work. That inspired this piece:

The full text reads “Vintage cars not vintage values.” I haven’t decided if the “not” is going to be in teal or red, and I’m also toying with the idea of making it larger and in a different font, with the other letters overlaid on it. The image is the back end of a ’59 Impala, which is my dream car.

Also in the pod was the rest of the yarn I needed to finish a sweater I started in 2017 and packed in the car when we moved…oblivious to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But that sweater is getting it’s own post in due time.

The last thing to join the spray paint train was this vintage suitcase my parents gave me a couple of years ago. I painted it then, but my acrylic accent paint never really stuck, and the suitcase itself got pretty scuffed up during the move. So I lightly sanded off the lumpy acrylic, gave it a new coat of turquoise, added some gold accents (and more bat decals, of course), and then sealed it all in with a couple of clear coats. This suitcase has been living under my bed to store things like journals, knitting projects–the little stuff I like to do before going to sleep–but now I think it needs to be out on display.

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