General life update

We are just a few weeks out from the release of Magic in the Headlines, and there is still so much to do. I’m feeling a bit swamped.

This week was super busy. First, Bast found a stray cat on our back porch, a very beautiful Main Coon tabby. We are over cat-pacity in our apartment, so the stray stayed the night and then went to the local shelter, where they were happily reunited with their owner! His name was Koda and he’d been missing since March 3. I hate having to take cats to the shelter, but we have a lot of strays here, and I’m glad that Koda’s story had a happy ending. He was so sweet, I know his person must be over the moon to have him back.

We also got into our storage pod and brought home two carloads of stuff we haven’t seen since August of 2019. I finally got to bring home my spinning wheel and swift. The swift is getting a turquoise spray paint makeover as we speak, and the spinning wheel is sitting right next to my desk, tempting me when I should be working. Pretty sure the only reason I’m not spinning at this very moment is that when I reassembled it, I forgot to put on the drive band, so I have to partially take it apart again to put it on.

Our teeny tiny apartment is packed to the gills now, but we went to Ikea for a couple of shelves to store everything and that helped a lot. The fabric stash now has a proper home, even if it does look like we’re opening a store. The rest of the pod contents will come home when we move at the end of July. I’m more than happy to wait at the moment since my arms were complete noodles for two days, and I spent most of yesterday laying in bed recovering in between doing small tasks, like laundry.

Bast Bed, made from Knitpicks Preciosa Tonal in Thistle and Pewter.

I took a short break from the Eleonora Project because after knitting 3.5 swatches back to back, I went to pick up swatch 4 and figure out how I wanted to do the heel for this attempt, and my brain basically blew a raspberry and shut down. I took a couple of days to crochet a new bed for Bast out of his favorite yarn, and I’ll get back to those stockings this week. I think there’s just been so much going on lately that my brain couldn’t handle anything else.

If you’re not on my Patreon already, you might want to check it–I’ve been recording writing and sewing/crafting vlogs. Patrons see them first, up to a month in advance. Currently I’m working on a series showing the process of prepping Headlines for publication. Episode one is up on Patreon, and Episode two will likely be up by the end of the week.

I got my first Covid vaccine on April 3, and will be getting my 2nd on May 1. Once that happens, I’ll be making a flurry of appointments–doctor, dentist, eye doctor. I haven’t seen any of those since we moved, since we finally got settled…and then went into lockdown. Since my immune system is weakened, I didn’t want to make any of the appointments, especially the dentist, without being vaccinated.

I do have other projects in the pipeline I’ll be sharing soon, but not until after the book release because that is all I have the spoons for at the moment. I should be able to announce a few things in June.

Until then, stay stafe, read a good book, and cuddle something soft and fluffy.