Magic in the Headlines

Aurora Jane “AJ” Marshall has wanted to be a reporter from the day she first sat on her father’s lap reading the headlines. The 1920s are supposed to be all about freedom, and women are flaunting their independence as voting flappers who drive cars and smoke cigarettes. Well, AJ can’t smoke because of her asthma, and her best friend Oliver keeps telling her not to drive because of her bad vision. But what does he know? He’s a ghost!

When an airship crashes just outside of Chicago, AJ knows her chance for a big byline is at hand. Could it be pirates? Mobsters? Or is it the mysterious Ghost Ship, linked to missing people and ghosts all over the city? There’s only one way to find out. AJ Marshall is on the case.

She just has to convince her old classmate and rival, Jasper, to give up his claim to the story. But Jasper has a lead of his own, and it might be more beneficial if they help each other…or will it?

That’s right, it’s almost new book time! MAGIC IN THE HEADLINES will be available starting May 18 from Amazon, B&N, etc, as well as my gumroad shop (links on the shop tab above).

Stay tuned for snippets and behind-the-scenes content. Want a preview? You can read an early draft on my Patreon, in its entirety, for just $1/month.

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