finished objects

Finished Objects

Why yes, my proper sock needles finally arrived.

I finished these almost immediately after tearing open the package. They’re just a plain vanilla sock, top down, out of Tsuki Mountain Fibers in Guardian.

There’s really not much else to say about these. The construction is super basic, but the yarn has purple, black, blue, pink, and green, all with a silver sparkle throughout.

My next project was for Ash, who has been seeking a silk lace scarf for a couple of months. She finally caved and asked me for one. The yarn is Patons Silk Bamboo in Coal. The yarn is discontinued, but we were able to get 4 balls, I think from Webs (don’t quote me on it). This scarf is hard to photograph at the best of times, but without a willing model and that poor lighting that is Seattle in the winter, it was even harder. But this shot does showcase the vaguely bat-like pattern the lace bits created, which was an unintended but very welcome bonus to the pattern, which was self drafted to meet Ash’s requests. I’m actually quite proud because the increase and decrease pattern that makes that lovely batwing shape in the lace and at the cast on end would normally leave a matching dip on the bind off end. I was able to work out the method of decreases I would need to to add–while maintaining the lacy increases that run along each side–so the ends would be reasonably symmetrical. Of course, I forgot to photograph this phenomenon. Maybe later.

My last finished object is a dress. This was based on an off-the-rack dress I bought a while back and love (can’t remember where it came from). Ash cut out the pieces based on the dress, and I sewed it together. I actually started this back in November or December, but then had trouble with my sewing machine and knit fabric is not fun to sew by hand! It’s not fun to sew by machine, either, but it is significantly easier.

I also finished off some pajama pants, but as those are in the laundry I will spare you photos. It turns out my machine problems were all operator error, so once I got them sorted out I was able to knock several projects off my to do list very quickly that had been hanging around for ages.

Of course, I’ve already got a few things piling up again. A tee shirt I love shrank in the wash, so it’s waiting for an alteration, as are the straps for a suspender skirt I just got–I need to add an extra button hole to them for a better fit. Also on the list of alterations is the shirt I’m wearing at this moment. It’s one of the peasant-style blouses that have been so popular at Target, and the sleeve cuff is about 1/4″ too snug. I’m going to add a button/loop combo to them, and potentially a tiny scrap of matching-ish fabric to the inside of the arm for a little extra space. But you’ll have to wait for my next Finished Object post to see how that turns out.

If you’re enjoying my crafting stuff, I do have a new series of videos I’m posting. They appear to my top tier Patrons first, and then will be released to 1st & 2nd teir patrons before going public. The first video is now available for public viewing:

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