Cat Update

The felines were very confused this week when we got 8″ of snow. We’re safe and warm and the snow is nearly gone as I type this, but we’re thinking of our friends in Texas, Oklahoma, and other parts of the south that are without heat and power at the moment.

We started giving the cats wet food a couple of weeks ago, and Bast is OBSESSED with it. He has really upped his wake-up game in the morning when he wants breakfast, to digging at my pillows, sticking his nose under my head like he’s trying to roll me out of bed himself (he’s all of 5lbs; I’m not going anywhere), and pawing at my hair. When he thinks I’m being particularly lazy, he adds singing and a nip to the nose to the routine.

I would mind the wakeup call less if he was actually on time, and not 4 hours early.

Gwyd is ridiculous as always. The other day he got on the back of the couch and started chewing on something he shouldn’t. I poked him lightly to distract him, and he startled, somehow falling in the four inch gap between the couch and a table. I have no idea how he managed that, since he’s definitely not four inches wide!

We got two new fishing pole toys for them, and both Hermes and Morrigan have been interacting with the others more as a result. Hermes isn’t a particularly playful cat, but if he thinks no one is looking, he’ll paw at the cat teaser if it gets close enough. He also stole some velcro I cut off a bag I wanted to re-use to store my knitting. You would think it was the Best. Toy. Ever. from the way he was playing with it. Cats, go figure.

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