It was Bound to Happen

Hi, my name is Sìne and I like stationery.

A lot.

When we moved, I valiantly pared down and packed away my stationery supplies. It was a lot. I managed to fit most if it into one or two boxes.

One or two boxes I have not seen in over a year.

And about halfway through quarantine, I cracked. I was powerless to resist the back to school stationery sales.

Don’t get me wrong. I did actually need notebooks. I filled up my journal and needed a new one. And then I needed a new notebook for work to put all of my lists in. And then I found a really great notebook for my personal bullet journal. And then I started studying French during lockdown, and then…

Well, it kind of spiraled after that.

This is maybe half of my notebook binge. If that.

As you can probably tell, I have a major weakness for disc bound notebooks, like the Happy Planner or ARC system. I’ve used both and love that the discs are compatible, but I am frustrated that they come in different sizes. I love the size of the Happy Planner Classic, but the ARC, which comes in full and half page, is much easier to find or make pages for. The Happy Planner Big works with regular printer paper, but the 6″x9″ Classic size is a bit harder. I usually either buy packs of paper when they are on sale, or search for clearanced notebooks and planners to repurpose, especially since new they go for $25-32, but I’ve found them on clearance for $5.

The reason I love this system is the ability to reorganize the pages and take them out as necessary. This is great for me, since I change my mind so often.

I don’t want to go through all of my notebooks because that would take forever, but here are a few of the ones I use the most.

French Notes and Journal

One of my goals when lockdown started, like many, was to work on my foreign language skills. One job I’ve always wanted but never been qualified for was to be a translator of some kind. I’d love to one day translate my books and patterns, especially All For One, into French.

I’m not nearly that good, but I’ve been slowly pecking away. This first notebook is discbound and filled with vocabulary lists and notes. I used a discbound so I could add pages to the different sections as necessary. I keep lists of music, movies, and books I’ve either watched, listened to or read, or want to look up in the future.

The second notebook is my French journal. I try to write just a few sentences every day, usually writing down what I ate, what I’m wearing, and something I plan to do or something the cats have done that was cute or funny. I highlight all the words I have to look up, and have a running list in the other notebook so I know what things I need to study more. The second half of this notebook is where I do translations, usually of song lyrics. I write the song once in the original French, then again using my best translation with as few references as possible (again, highlighting stuff I need to look up). Then I go through and compare my lyrics with the actual translation, using a contrasting pen to write in corrections.

Writing Business book

This notebook could easily get a post all it’s own. This is the brain of my operation, with a calendar of all my blog and Patreon posts, research notes for those posts, my production schedule, notes on what goes into my newsletter each month, sales numbers and promotions, and basically everything I need to keep my head on straight. I can’t show you too much without revealing spoilers, but this page is where I plot out all of my blog and patreon posts. I like to color code so I can keep them straight.

Knitting Journal

I don’t use this one as much as I should. It serves a similar purpose to a Ravelry project page, except that I also include sketches of things I design myself, the labels from the yarn I use so I can hang on to the fiber content and care instructions, and a little snippet of the yarn (which I’ve obviously forgotten for this page. I don’t think I have any of either of those yarns left). Now that I have a photo printer for my phone, I also include a little snapshot of the finished item.

Research Notebooks

I have several of these in different forms. Some of them are just 3 ring binders filled with page protectors and printouts, while others are discbound full of hand written notes and outlines. It really just depends on the project.

This little notebook was thrown together to help me organize my notes for a large editing project, and basically contains different versions of the same outline over and over while I tried to work out plot issues. The larger notebook contains similar information for all of my current running projects, which as you can see are probably more than is really reasonable.

What unusual uses do you use your notebooks for? Do you prefer the DIY approach of a disc bound or binder, or do you like something with a more solid binding?

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