New Year WIPs

It’s a short list at the moment, but I have started a few things since I finished my holiday projects.

First, my reward for getting everything done: socks in Tsuki Mountain Fibers in the colorway Guardian. I’ve been eyeing this yarn for ages, and saving it for something special. It ended up being a bit too busy for the fancy patterned socks I wanted to make myself, but sometimes plain vanilla socks are just what the knitter ordered.

My next project is partially a secret (for now)–it’s a future pattern. Ten imaginary internet points to the person who can guess what it is!

Lastly, I picked up a sewing UFO. This is a hand-sewn project I’m recording footage of for my $10 and $20 patrons, so this is all you guys get to see (unless you go join my patreon!). Bast and Gwyd are very keen to “help” with this project, as you can see.

What are you working on? Have you started anything new since the holiday gift rush ended?