Coming soon to a Patreon near you!

I’ll be rolling out some changes to my Patreon in 2021. Currently, there are two levels, which will be staying the same:

Shadows: $1/month
My everlasting gratitude
Access to weekly 1st draft chapters so you can see my writing process as it evolves
Advance access to Would this Kill Me in the 1800s? and other history-oriented posts
Access to polls to help decide the next subject of WfKM1800s posts
Exclusive discount codes for my website good for ebooks, signed paperbacks, knitting patterns, and handmade items, usually in the 10-15% range.

Spirits: $3/month
All of the Shadow benefits, plus: 
Access to polls to help determine character names, chapter and book titles, and even plot points
Ebooks pre-ordered through my website will ship 1-2 weeks before the Amazon release. 
Exclusive discount codes (in the 20-25% range) for my website, good for books, patterns, and handmade goods. 

But, I’ll also be rolling out two new membership levels in January, and for the first time these will include physical rewards.

Ghosts: $10/month
All of the Spirit benefits, plus:
Yearly swag pack with items like stickers, post cards, and book marks
Free digital copy of The Spider’s Web
Exclusive patreon posts
A personal card from me (and the furbeasts) every quarter

Poltergeists: $20/month
All of the Ghost benefits, plus:
Yearly swag packs containing items like mugs and notebooks
A digital copy of Bind Off: The Complete Evie Cappelli series
Exclusive digital rewards, like video content
Free and discounted editing services

I’ll be starting out with limited slots available for each of these until the logistics of the physical rewards are ironed out. Once they open up to larger numbers, I’ll also be adding a discord channel that will be available to Spirits, Ghosts, and Poltergeists. 

To make these upper tiers work, I do need more people to join my Patreon in general. You can help by leaving reviews of my books on my Amazon and Goodreads pages, and telling your friends about books and content that you enjoy. 

If you are interested in upping your support level please keep in mind that to start with I’ll be limiting each of these new tiers to just 5 patrons.