Cat Update

The clowder has been largely well behaved of later, though even weirder than usual. Bast likes to sleep in the bottom drawers of my dresser, but the other day he decided to use the top drawer instead. He got himself stuck behind a drawer and I had to remove it to get him out again. We didn’t even know he was in there until Gwyd started trying to “help.”

The fluffy noodle has also been extra weird. There is a very unflattering picture of him complete stretched out across my chest while I was reclining in my desk chair. At least he’s cute and cuddly.

He’s been concerned about me because my back and shoulder have been bothering me for the past few days, and he finds my yoga routines Extremely Suspicious.


In slightly less fun news, I have had to make changes to the sale I’ve been running on my books. If you head over to my shop tab, you’ll notice a change in the layout. WordPress suddenly decided it DID NOT LIKE my shop; it was creating duplicates of some items, erasing others, and I could not get it fixed no matter how hard I tried. The block style I was using has also apparently been moved to the premium features, which was adding to the difficulties.

Long story short, all of the shop links will redirect to Amazon. I am still honoring the sales prices on Evie Cappelli ebooks, so if you email me a screen cap showing you purchased the book(s) from Amazon during the sale period, I will refund the difference.

I still have hard copy books in my possession, so if you are interested in a signed paperback of Off the Rails, All for One, Bind Off, or By the Grace, I am working on finding a way to list those, potentially on Gumroad but that’s a project for this weekend.

I am really sorry about the inconvenience, but it was honestly out of my control. I’m looking to move hosts in the next year, but while I enjoy blogging the technical side of running a website is not my forte and at the moment I’m hamstrung by WordPress and their rather ridiculous policies, which I’m convinced are designed to make everything more difficult that it needs to be.

Thanks for being patient with me!

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1 thought on “Cat Update”

  1. Gotta love that first picture even though all the cats are cute.

    I left for a similar reason. I had 2 sites and Webs changed them without first contacting me and messing both up. Then wondered why I deleted my accounts.

    Blogger similarly.

    At least Blogger is free. I used paid hosting and sites on Webs.

    Hope your back and shoulder feel better.

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