Nanowrimo Wrap Up 2020

Technically, there’s still another day left. If you are still writing, keep going! You can do it.

Last night around 9:30, I finally cracked 50k. I may write a little extra today, just so I can get that shiny badge for updating my word count every day, but as I was putting my word count into the website the trackpad on my laptop stopped working. I was already using a USB keyboard because I broke the built in one a few months ago in a failed attempt to clean it. I have one functional USB port, which mostly means choosing between using a mouse or using a keyboard. I do have a USB hub, but the whole setup gets a bit cumbersome since I don’t have a dedicated desk for that computer, and it won’t fit on the desk with my work computer (which is temporarily serving double duty).

I will be ordering a new laptop later today as my reward for completing Nanowrimo early, and “winning” for 9 years in a row.

Also I just really need one because I can’t use my work computer for everything and I am not going to edit a 90k manuscript on my phone, which is my next project.

For the moment, my Nanowrimo story is being set aside. I have a couple of beta readers who are going to take a look at book one, which is only 35k, so it’s going to need a lot of edits. I’m okay with short books, but I want to make sure that is actually what is best for the story before I proceed with it. I would rather add 20-30k and end up with a better book than dive into editing and throw a sub-par book on Amazon.

So yes, before you ask, you will get to read it at some point. When? I have no idea. Patrons will get to see it first, but at the moment my production schedule is booked through 2023, so we’ll see. If I could, I would have an assistant and full time editor I worked with, which would let me put out three books a year, but until my income doubles, that’s not going to happen. In the mean time, you can sign up for Patreon to see what I’m working on in it’s earliest forms, as well as other bonuses. I’m going to be re-vamping my Patreon tiers in the new year so keep an eye out–more on that in a week or two.


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